“Thrall” FREE this week to kick off “Incubus” Launch!

It’s finally here!  Incubus (The Daughters Of Lilith: Book 2) is now available!

To kick off our book launch week for Incubus, I’m making Thrall (The Daughters Of Lilith: Book 1) free for the whole week on Amazon.com.

If you enjoyed Thrall, know someone who you think might like it, or have been meaning to pick up a copy but haven’t gotten around to it, now’s a great opportunity to snag a copy for your Kindle, or for reading with the free Kindle App on your iPad, iPhone, or computer.

Feel free to spread the word.  Happy Incubus Launch Week!

"Thrall" (The Daughters Of Lilith: Book 1) by Jennifer Quintenz is FREE on Amazon.com 06/17/2013 - 06/21/2013

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