“Incubus” – First Draft Finished

I just finished the first draft of Incubus.

Every time I finish a first draft I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified.  Thrilled because, hey, I finished a first draft!  Terrified because the next step is to sit down and read it.

It could be great (fingers crossed!), or it could be wretched (it’s happened before).  Usually it’s somewhere in between, and after I’ve read the first draft I’ll have a good idea of what kind of rewrite process I’m facing.

So tomorrow I’ll read it through and see.  But tonight?  I’m pouring myself a glass of wine.

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2 comments on ““Incubus” – First Draft Finished
  1. Tina Leyva says:

    Awesome! Enjoy the spoils of your adult beverage 🙂

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