“Empower: Fight Like a Girl” hits Comic-Con

Amazing SDCC recap by the uber-talented Kam Miller (who’s got a new novel “Myth Of Crime” out this week!)

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4 comments on ““Empower: Fight Like a Girl” hits Comic-Con
  1. kammotion says:

    Thank you, Jenn! You’re so awesome. “Empower: Fight Like a Girl” has been an amazing experience. You and Pang-Ni have done an outstanding job. You’re so generous. And thank you for your kind mention of “Myth of Crime.” It’s an exciting week.

    • Jenn Q says:

      It’s been an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful to have had your and Tim’s help with various aspects of the con. And “Myth of Crime” – I started it last night and had serious trouble putting it down. Great job! Can’t wait to read more tonight! Congrats, lady!

  2. Barbara Stanfield says:

    Great pictures and article. Congratulations on a job well-done! Love, Mom

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