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With the release of Sacrifice on the horizon, Thrall is going on sale from 12-24-2013 to 12-30-2013.  If you know someone who might like this series, please spread the word!

And now for the Sacrifice news.  We blew right past the December 21 release date, thanks to a lovely virus that decided to take up residence in my home for several weeks.  But we’ve ousted the unwelcome visitor at long last, and are now back on track with all things Daughters Of Lilith.


1) It looks like Sacrifice will be released toward the end of January 2014.

2) Look for a Sacrifice cover reveal very soon!

3) I’m excited to announce that the Daughters Of Lilith series will be five books long.  More to come on books 4 and 5 soon.

And finally, thank you, thank you, thank you to my amazing readers for all the wonderful notes, comments, and emails these last two years.  I’m so excited to share the newest installment of the Daughters Of Lilith series with you.

"Thrall" by Jennifer Quintenz on sale 12/24/2013 to 12/30/2013

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